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COVID-19 Precautions

COVID-19 has revolutionized our lifestyles, social distancing, work and exercise patterns。 Since protecting the health of the community and individuals is of Paramount importance, personal protective equipment must be worn in many places for the benefit of individuals and others。

The global mass production of disposable products such as face masks, gloves, bottled hand rub and wet wipes has also contributed to the increase in waste。

We risk turning a health crisis into an environmental crisis。 Disposable products such as masks, gloves and wet wipes have been found abandoned on the sea, beaches, streets and even mountain trails。 We do need to keep ourselves safe and healthy, but at the same time pay attention to the garbage and waste we create every day。

If everyone in Hong Kong wore one disposable mask every day, we would be using 225 million masks a month。

Three ways to tackle COVID-19 waste


  1. Wear a reusable mask and wash it regularly。
  2. Wash hands with soap and water。
  3. Purchase large bottles of disinfectant rub and refill bulk vials as needed。

For a guide to safe and reusable items or more information, please click on the links below。

Q&a on masks from the World Health Organization

The manufacturing method of cloth mask

Please support us in collecting data on mask usage in Hong Kong by participating in the survey。

Repeating one small change can lead to big improvements

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the amount of food delivery products discarded is 2. 5% more than last year.2 times (these figures were obtained before the recent extension of the ban on eating in public places and the restriction on congregations)。 Think back to wasabi when you bought a takeout coffee, a bottle of water, a chocolate bar, or a takeout sushi package? What about disposable cutlery in plastic bags or fruit in disposable plastic cups? What about plastic LIDS and tubes that come with smoothies, slushies or milkshakes? These small choices often add up to a big pile of junk。

As long as we plan early and choose to replace disposable items with reusable ones,
This disposable plastic waste is actually avoidable。

As consumers, do we have the ability to make choices about how we consume and thus reflect information to companies or stores。 Companies or shops can also choose to change the packaging of their products。 When consumers make good use of their power of choice, they can respond with powerful messages to companies or stores。

Strongly support companies and shops that take waste reduction initiatives first and strive to reduce environmental pollution。

Health experts agree that it is safe to use reusable items during an epidemic。

More than 120 scientists, academics and doctors from 18 countries also signed one聲明To reassure consumers about the safe use of reusable items through basic hygiene and cleanliness during the outbreak。

With contactless technology, consumers can enjoy takeaway food and drinks without producing and discarding waste。

To learn how to simply follow/advise coffee shops to use zero contact technology, see the following aboutZero Touch CoffeeIn the film。 If the restaurant does not allow you to use your own utensils, you may suggest that the restaurant place the food on washable plates before you put it into your own utensils。

Film credit: City to Sea

Say no to the glue hose



At a beach cleaning event in Hong Kong, half of the 200 drinking tubes showed clear signs of fish bites。 Every piece of plastic is important。

Six simple tips


Here are six transformations that can greatly help our environment。

More than 40% of plastics produced worldwide are用於On the package

By developing the habit of using reusable products instead of disposable ones, you can reduce manufacturing waste and set a good example to others。

Hang this poster at work, school or share it on social media。

Plastic Free Ocean - Plastic Free Living Checklist

Change today, stop the bad habits, and make a choice that will change tomorrow! Everyone can use less plastic。We also hope to help you on the road of plastic reduction。 Stick a plastic free life checklist to your refrigerator and incorporate the habit into your life。 Don't rush it. Change it slowly to make it sustainable。

Sometimes you have to grab a plastic bag or use disposable cutlery。But saying no to plastic will become a habit, and soon you will automatically remind yourself to carry more plastic in your bag。Thus rejecting plastic and encouraging others to establish this good plastic free habit。

This list isn't everything you can do, but it's certainly a good start。 What will you do today?

Plastic Free life checklist

A Handy Cantonese Guide to Say no to Plastic。

Download and store it on the phone or print it out and put it in your carry-on bag。

Next you can?

Now we hope you can reduce waste when patronizing coffee shops, restaurants or other stores發聲To promote waste reduction and plastic reduction。

You know what??


If everyone in Hong Kong used one disposable mask every day, 10,950 tonnes of waste would be generated!

That's the equivalent of 782 garbage collection trucks full of masks。